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Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature

What can we learn from nature? Some people probably thought that we only can learn several things from nature or sometimes people thought that we cannot learn anything from nature. Well, in my opinion, they are all wrong. There are a lot of things that we can learn from nature. A lot of little things that we can learn from nature and those thing are sometimes important. But those little things were sometimes underestimated by some people.
One example of the things that we can learn from nature is peace. Although nature is technically is dead, nature is alive too, not in a literal meaning though. By being silent and still, nature is representing peace. In example, if you sit under a tree or in beach shores, you will slightly feel peaceful. If we say that nature is peace, than we can learn that we have to keep the peace like we keep our nature. Nowadays, nature is quite disturbed and so do peace. War everywhere, conflicts, problem. When peace is disturbed, nature will get an effect too. In wars zone, the environment is ruined too. The land dried, tree dies, no clean water, no fresh air, and of course people died. All of those are a component of nature. That’s why we should learn to keep our peace so the nature will be kept to.
Another example is how nature interacts. Nature interacts with a lot of things. Like trees producing oxygen by interacting with earth, human, and animals. Human provide CO2  for trees to do photosynthesis. Earth provides dirt and water for trees too. Animal provide fertilizer for trees too. All of those components is working together to achieve harmony. This system could be tried by us, human. In school for example, we learn from a teacher, we got knowledge and the teacher got an experience. Another example is in the city. There are a lot of people interacting with each other to get what they need. This is an instinct that we got from nature.
Another example is how nature gives us a lot of things. This things are water, food, oxygen, living places, environment, and many more. Nature gives us a lot of water. We could find water almost everywhere. Our life is basically depends on water. We could live a week without food, but we can’t live a week without water. Water is not only consumed but also used in our daily activities, like bath, cooking, gardening, wash things, and a lot more. And the thing that provide water is nature. Another thing that we get from nature is food. As a living creature, we need food to stay alive. Foods produce energy that we used to do our activities. Without energy, we cannot do anything.  From nature, we could get a lot kind of food, like meet, veggies, fruits, milk, beans, and many more. Those things are just a tiny part of what nature gives us. And still we still disrespected nature. This could be learned by human to give and not taking anything for granted. By taking this principal, we could live in a better harmony with other people.

From those things we can learn that nature gives us a lot of things. Although we get a lot of things from nature, many of us still disrespected nature. A lot of human cut down forest to build a building, hunt rare animal for their collection, spill oil in waters, caused global warming, and a lot more. This is isn’t the way we should act to nature. We should give something to nature too. We should keep our nature and should keep them safe and love them so nature will love us back and bring the earth back as it used to be. That is what I thought, Thank You.

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