Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

My special friend

Hi !! Today im going to tell you people about a special person. This person is someone that always be there for me. Well not always but it's just for a dramatic effect hehe. So this person is my friend, her name is Arifia Z.K. . She should be called fia /zahra, but because some several things, i called her Arif. She is my classmate for 7 month or something. Well she is quite annoying and almost too emo. The funny thing about our friendship is I never planned to be friend with her. The first time i met her, I thought she is really annoying. Well knowing my first impression to my new class is everybody is annoying, make her first impression not far from that too.
Arif is one of my closest friend. Well she is more like a partner in crime. We’re both a people that in my class called “sudra”. So we help each other sometimes. When i forget to bring some money she lend me some. When she bought some drink she share with me ( although some time she got a bit grumpy). We share foods sometimes. Like that one time I bought kwetiaw and we split the bill into half because she eat some too. I went to a lot place with her. We are both that person you called “no life”. Because of that we have a lot of time to do nothing. We sometimes went to BIP to grab some ice cream,or that one time when we went to riau junction to eat. We went there and bought some kwetiaw and she waited for me until I finnished, she doesn’t even eat. We went to places together. We went to bazar together, we went to kopgur together, we print our assignment togerther, we even join osis together.
Arif is not the best person in the world, but atleast she is there when im feeling sad. The funny thing about her is that she remind me a lot of my old friend. They both talk so cold, both of them don’t really care about stuff in world, they both memorize a lot of people. That last thing is really helpful for me , because i sometimes find it hard to memorize people. So when she’s with me, anytime some random human greet me and can’t remember their name, I asked Arif and the possibility she knows the person name is 95%. Seriously.
We do a lot of other things too. We learn together sometimes. She talk to me when she is not doing anything. She understand me and I understand her. It’s a mutualism friendship. We both got  “bullied” in class. Well we don’t care. She got classified a boy by some people in class. Well it was all just a joke and she already used to it. Well that’s all about my friend Arif. Thank you for reading this ! have a nice day.

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