Selasa, 28 Februari 2017




11.    Something not real.
22.   Sleep lightly.
33.   Female ruler of a kingdom
44.   Nature gives without taking for…….
55   Unfair or invalid stroke in sports.
66.  Short of european union.
77.  A horizontal line of entry in a table (plural).
88.   Plant and animals are part of…..
99.   Plant produce this for us.
110. Harry potter’s  speciality.
111.  When you don’t succeed.
112.  The sound produce by s sudden rush of air or liquid.


11.    A place to put your cookies.  
22.   The biggest nation in south east Asia.
33.   Able to move quickly and easily.
44.   Not ever.
55.   When you do someone’s order.
66.   Short call for doctors.
77.   Opposite of give.
88.   A Father’s wife.
99    The quality of moving or reacting with great speed.
110.   A place of falling waters (plural).
111.   Money for assurance
112.   A device you used to escape ( an escape ….. ).

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