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Heyy im back !!! //WHOOO

So today i'm going to write about...


This event is an annual event of sports week. In this event every class have to compete against other class. Each class have to work as a team to win the games. In my school, sports week is called differently. In other school, sports week are called PORAK, in my school, sports day is called DEWA ATHENA. Dewa athena actually short for some long weird sentence that no one really remember. DEWA ATHENA have a lot of sports branch , such as Football, Volley, Basket ball, Badminton, Dodge Ball, Tug of war, relay, and a traditional game called gobak sodor. 

Okay, now im going to tell you what happen in DEWATH. This event held for 5 days, 2 days for the 11th grader, 2 days for the 10th grader, and one day for final. In this event, i acted as one of the committee. Because of this i have to come everyday to watch the condition on the field. The first day started off quite disappointing, because of the rain. the event was postponed for 2 hour because of the rain. when the rain stop, me and some of my friend have to mop the field because of the water. We felt like janitors or something. My job that day was scoring. I sat with 2 of my friend in the scoring station for the whole day. The next day, i didn't stand by the whole day because i have to do something outside the field. Well, for me those 2 days was pretty boring but fun too.

Now im going to tell you about the thirs day. This day the 10th grader is going to play. Because im a 10th grader, i play today. although im a committee, i ended up playing every sports that was played that day. Yey :( . So, this event started at 08.00 am. My first games was badminton. I was so nervous until i cant even hit a ball. I got replaced by my friend, but we still ended up losing. After that my class schedule is basket ball, believe it or not, we actually WON this one. We were really excited about the winning. Next, i was scheduled to play in relay. I play with 3 of my friend. In the start, my friend do something wrong and slow him down. Because of this accident, we lost another game. after that my class was scheduled to play girls football. Because of the lack of players i have to play again. Ok, first of all let me just say that girls football was a madness. Literally. At first i acted as the striker but i switch place with my friend and became the keeper. At first, nothing really happen at the game, but it all change when my face got hit by a ball. Yes half of my face got hit by a ball it was pretty weird experience for me. We lost that match also, sadly. Next game is tug of war. At first i'm not supposed to play in this game, but ended up playing again. And like the other game, we lost this one too. After that, there are the girls dodge ball game. I play again, obviously. And the result is not so different from the other games. After that is the volley game. I play again for a hundred time ( not really). I was hoping to win this one, but ended up losing too. Well after that there are other game such as boys badminton and boys football. The result of both game was... LOST YEY !!

So yeah, i think my class is cursed and we lost everything except the basket ball. And i think that is enough for us :))

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