Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

My Holiday

In the end of the first semester, i only got 2 weeks of holiday. Well, at first i thought that i can enjoy my holiday to the fullest. I planned a lot of things. For the first week, i planned to go hiking with my cousin that came from Malang. For the second week i planned to do some random activities like watching movie at the cinema , riding my bike, tour around Bandung, explore some new places, hangout with my friend, etc. I feel so exited. i can't wait for my holiday to begin. But..... Unfortunately nothing in my to do list actually happen.

My Holiday started off pretty badly. My whole plan is ruined when the result of SP Math came out. I got SP Math and forced to spend 3 days to learn math. I was pretty mad actually. I hate the fact that i have to came to school to learn more math. Thinking about it was really FRUSTRATING. Well, thankfully i manage to get my self together 2 days before SP start. I make myself think that SP is fine. I thought, at least  my holiday wont be pointless. I will learn something in SP. Well i finally accepted SP after knowing my friend got SP too. Well, im not happy that she got SP too, but at least we're in this together :) . I spend the night before SP with learning. I dont learn Math though, i ended up learning biology. I read about plant. I only read some of the material and i choose to eat instead of learning, so that is the end of my learning session. The first day of SP was not bad actually. I came way to early. SP supposed to start at 7.30 and i arrive at school at 6.15. Why do i came so early ? its because i'm exited to learn math. Yes i actually want to learn in my holiday ( im so proud of my self ). The Learning session finally started and i sit at the fourth row. I sit with my friend. I listen carefully to the explanation the teacher gives. I take notes that was so detail and believe it or not, i actually UNDERSTAND the material. I'm so happy because of it. The next day was not so different from the first day. Although i'm quite sleepy, i still understand the material. The test was 2 days after the second day. So, i actually learn in the day between the second day of SP and the test day. My friend that don't get SP got mad when she discovered that im playing my Ipad instead of learning. She threatened me , that if i got Kontru she will hit me. She also offer to teach me math. Thanks to her i understand the material more deeply. The test was fine. It was hard but i can do the test. well the result is not out yet but im hoping i don't get kontru.

Because of SP is over, my holiday finally started. I'm still hoping to do the activities in my holiday plan. But because of i'm so lazy, nothing of them happen. My new year eve was boring. i actually invented a new tradition for my self. The tradition is "New Year Drink". The drink can be customize around tea and coffee. What make the drink special is the jelly. I finally pull my self to move and went to the kitchen and make the jelly. i make the jelly at 11 A.M. and  put it in the fridge right away. I made my tea at 10 P.M. and put  it in the fridge to keep it cool. I took my drink at 11.40 P.M. i waited for the new year finally came. Most of my family is asleep. So i spend my new year eve in my room with my lovely messy room. When it reach 00.00, i drink my tea, wishes happy new year to my friend and i fall asleep at 1 a.m. Sad. Literally.

My last week of holiday was a blur. All i did is watching anime, eat , continue watching, eat, sleep, watch more anime, sleep at 2 a.m. and wake up around 11 a.m. Well this routine was pretty bad. I got a major headache and my eye hurt so bad. This is probably because of my lack of sleep and my full day of staring at my laptop . Great. I finally move out from my house and ride my bike. Sadly, the reason i ride my bike was not for exercise, the reason is i ran out of snack. My mom wont buy the snack for me, so i was forced to buy the snack myself. Thankfully my snack supply is enough for the rest of my holiday, so i dont need to go to the nearest mini market to buy them. The rest of my holiday was an eternal loop of laziness. The thing that was interested was my dreams. i have literally 3 dreams that are connected. It was connected because those dream happen in the same place. I remember the place in my dream. It was an ice skating rink. It was big and white and had there little hill of snow. It was pretty cool i guess. My other dream is lost in a train with a girl called Sua, eating a super lasagna, battle with naruto against sasuke. All of my dream is random, so yeah...

Well, that is my whole holiday. It may seem boring and plain and horrible, but actually its not. Im really enjoying my holiday. I love it. I love the fact that im so lazy and no one complain about it, i love the fact that i understand math and etc. So in my opinion, my holiday is AWESOME in a way :)).


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