Senin, 26 September 2016


Megantara is an annual event in SMA 3 Bandung. This event theme is the traditional culture in Indonesia. This is event is quite known in Bandung. This event is famous because of the guest stars and the spectacular (acara). This year megantara was a blast too. In 10th of September 2016 , Megantara was held in Bali Field. The gate open at 11.30 am. In side there are a lot of stands. There are food stands, merchandise stands, the main stage, guest sitting place, replica of some of the famous building or culture. The Bali Field was divided to 5 section that is Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan , and Papua. Each section have its own style. The Sumatra section has the Jam Gadang replica, and the food is sate padang. In the Java section we’ll find the famous gamelan jawa, we can learn to play the gamelan because in there exist  a stand that specially for West Java culture. Not only we can learn about gamelan, we also can learn about the ancient writing in Sundanese and learn to play the traditional games. In the Kalimantan section we can find a photo booth and some food stand. Moving to the Sulawesi section we could find more food stands. In the Papua section, we could locate another photo booth, a hunted house by the t’st, and the food truck section. In the center edge of Bali Field located the main stage where the performer will perform of course.
My story in the Megantara was fun although im quite disappointed because I don’t get to watch the performance of RAN and The Changcuters. I came to Bali Field at 9 am. I was quite confused because I don’t find my friend anywhere, but then I finally meet one of my friend. He was on duty because he was a (panitia). Because I don’t find the rest  of my friend, I decided to stick with him. He told me that he is going to the school to get something. I thought I could wait for my friend at the school so I say I’ll come with him. On the way to the school building I met one of my friend. I called her and she came over to me, I decided to come along with her. I want to called my other friend and told him that I’m not going to the school but he was already to far and look busy so I don’t called him and just went with my friend. I got inside with my friend and we stop in one of the food stand where I met my other friend. We three chatted for a while until my other friend left us because she got to do her duty.
After a while of chatting , my friend was told that the gate just opened. My friend got an Idea that I should tour the Megantara and she will act like a tour guide. I agree and went outside to change my ticket. After getting a ticket, I went to the entrance for the visitor. My bag was checked , after that I walk inside a hall that was decorated nicely. At the end of the hall my friend is already waiting for me. First, she told me to get the free drink. After that she started the tour. We started in the Sumatra section to the Java section and then the Kalimantan section then to the Sulawesi secton and to the Papua section and finally the main stage. We were giggling the entire  tour. After  finishing the tour we go back to the Java section. In there we take a picture in front of the Megantara main photo booth. After that, we wanted to try the gamelan and we get taught by the person who stand by there. After that we learn the ancient Sundanese writing. After  that we play the traditional games. It was a lot of fun.
I was separated from my friend and met my other friends. I was really hungry in that time, so me and my friends decided to eat. We look around for food, but sadly  all of the food is quite expensive L. We ended up eating Mie Ayam. It was cheap and delicious. After eating, we decided to pray. We got nothing to do at that time. We decided to try the hunted house (obake house). We were so exited to get inside. We are a scaredy-cat but we were really want to get inside. We read the rules  and the rules says that the minimum people to get inside was 4. Unfortunetly we were only 3 people. We started to search for another friend so we can go inside. We got a plus 2, and one of them is my friend from the morning. Because it was not allowed for a group of 5 people to get inside, we choose to split to 2 groups. My group get inside first. At first it wasn’t that scary, but when we entered a small room, there sited a woman ghost with long hair in the corner, in the other corner there stand a man ghost. I already panicked. When we entered a hall the person in front of me suddenly ran. I was so panicked and I run too. My friend that behind me run as well. We get out as fast as possible. Sadly one of my friend was left inside because he doesn’t run when I and the other run. We laugh about it. After that I met my other friends. We decided to get inside the hunted house again. It was pretty dumb actually. We decided to not run this time. When we get inside, we were welcomed by a hit on a table. After that we saw a crying ghost, a lady ghost that came to you. When we take a turn to the hall, we were greeted by a scary old lady. She was coming to me because I was the one in the front. I was so scared so I close my eyes and I fell down. My friend in the back already screaming the Quran surah. We were so loud. When we were about to take a u turn to the other room, suddenly a head popped up in front of me. Because I’m so shocked, I scream and fell down again. We ended up screaming the whole time. When we want to exit, we were panicked and run. Because of that all of us was tripped and almost fell and kiss the ground when we exited. We were laughing so hard. It was stupid but really fun. We choose to wait for the announcement of the fashion show winner. When the announcement was made, my class was really happy because the winner is from my class.
Me and my friends pray after that and we decided to wait for the T’ST performance. My mom called and tell me that she was going to go and pick me up because she says it was to late. I was pretty disappointed because I don’t get to watch RAN and The Changcuters. I get to watch the T’st performance though. It was really cool. I was so happy. It was really entertaining. After that I went out from the Megantara area. I was quite sad, but I don’t want to fight my mom. My mom arrived later and picked me up.
That all about The Magantara 2016 and my experience in there. It was fun and cool. I like the decoration though. See you next year in the megantara 2017 .
p.s. I probably be on of the megantara committee hehehe. 

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