Rabu, 31 Agustus 2016

The World Tournament and Technology Festival


Wttf or world tournament and technology festival is a tournament  that my school created. This tournament held by osis. This tournament theme is galaxy/planets.  In this tournament we have to compete with other tenth grader and the eleventh grader. In this tournament we were divided to groups, my class got in the fifth group because we are X science 5. In each group was filled with 1 class tenth grader and 1 class eleventh grader. We have to compete with them. 

First we have to gather in bali field to get some instruction. After getting some instruction, we moved to my school hall. In the school hall we sat and waited for the supply we will get. We got a map and some water baloon for the journey.

We started to moved to the first location that is bangsal in bali field. When we arrived in the bangsal, we were greeted by the committee in there. We were challenge to play fifa in a laptop. We were agains the eleventh grader. So we pick fife people to play fifa. After a couple minute of playing we ended up losing to the elevent grader. After that we moved to the second location, that is the bali field. In the bali field we play 2 games. The first game is flappy bird and we win!!! . After playing flappy bird, we moved to the left side of bali field. In there we have to choose 10 people to play in games. The games called "Protect the Queen". My class made a team of ten and i became the queen. When the game started, we start our formation. After a couple minute searching for the other queen, i finnaly found the queen and attack. After fighting to get the scarf of the queen the game finally over because the time is up. Because the queens are save, the winner is choosen by the most player in the team. My class have 8 player left and the elevent grader got 9 player. And then they win again. Well that was ok i guess :(   .

After finishing the game in the bali field, we move to a park that quite far from our school. We went to  tongkeng Park. In there we have to build a robot from cardboard, water bottle, and straws. This game require all member of each class to work together and build a robot. After a few minute of building the winner finally anounced. And the winner is the eleventh grader again... Its getting sad.

After we finished in the Tongkeng Park, we move to another location that is the photography park. The park was further than the Tongkeng Park. We walked for a good couple minute. After we arived, we were greeted by another committee. They explain the game in this park. The game is the one that you spin  the wheel and it tell you what color you step on. The game was fun. Because it was a tie, both classes win. While we wait some of my class mate were playing swing in park. We were having so much fun. But something unfortuned happen, my friend glasses broke until it was seperated to 3 pieces. It was a bad thing to happen.

After finish there, we move back to my school to take a break. While break time, we eat, chat, pray, and just chill. After break time over, we move to the back of my school to play another game that is the human chain. In this game 3 people from each class was choosen to answer some question. When the answer is correct, student from the class who got correct answer will make a chain from human depend on the score of the question. We won this game !! Yayy. 

After that we move to the front part of my school. We move to the ceremony field. In there we were challenge to eat a super spicy noodle. My class was confident to win. When the game started, the senior eat the whole noodle by only eat 2 times. My friend starting to lose hope and ended up eating slowly. This is another game that we lost.

After that we move tho class IX science 3. In there we play a computer game. The game was taken. I choose to participate. Me and my 2 friend is getting ready to play agains the senior. My 2 friend started first and they both win. I was pretty nervous. Im afraid that i will lose. But after i played the game, I WIN GUYS. My class was screaming and cheering and laughing. It was really fun.

After that we suposed to go to the music park, but because of the time we cancel that part. We were really disaponted. After that we move to bali field. In the bali field we were told that we have to fight agains the aliens to get a part of the puzzle. After finishing the fight agains the alien, we were told to create a picture with the pieces of puzzle. After a couple minute the tenth grader classes finish the puzzle. We were anounced as the winner of the puzzle game.

The world tournament and technology festival was really fun. Im really looking forward to the next year wttf.

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